Ian Pugh


Ian Pugh was born in Yorkshire and is an architect by profession, educated at Manchester University. He moved to Canterbury in 1982 where he now works as principal in his own architectural practice.

Primarily a watercolour painter, he prefers the immediacy and unpredictability of the medium and the city of Canterbury, surrounding villages, countryside and coastline have provided a rich source of subject matter over the years.

Ian has a strong interest in the art and architecture of Italy and a passion for the cities of Florence and Venice. These are recurring themes in his paintings, finding that the medium of watercolour particularly lends itself to capturing the ethereal and atmospheric qualities of Venice. Ian’s current work explores other themes and possibilities with the medium, particularly those which provide a vehicle for a bold use of form and colour.

Ian has exhibited in art galleries in Canterbury and Whitstable and he also produces paintings for private commissions.